Medium Speed Granulator - Rapid Raptor


Medium Speed Granulator - Rapid Raptor

  • Open Hearted “POWER” Engineering
  • Constant cutting circle-CCC gives more throughput using less energy
  • “Visibly clean” inspection and easy maintenance
  • Pre-adjustable rotating & fixed knives
  • Patented “Quad Cut” rotor knife design having 4 long lasting cutting edges
  • Swing out cutter house front/cradle
  • Heavy duty transmission
  • Pneumatic Flexi push system with inbuilt shock absorber for recycling large volume goods, lumps etc.
  • Top pusher to recycle bulky & light weight goods
  • Hydraulic power push for more output in sheets, films with multiple shock absorbing valves and built-in safety
  • Solid stand with machine shoes
  • Hopper open and close by electrical jack
  • Optional double row knives on rotor for increasing throughput
  • Claw rotor design for general waste having knives with 4 cutting edges
  • Power wedge knife rotor for recycling of Rafia and thin film waste
  • Advanced PLC programming as option
  • Cabability to run and monitored by PC/tablet/Pad
  • Belt conveyor can be provided for infeed--optional
  • Can be integrated with low built compact Rapid 300 LBB granulator to form Raptor DUO.Output from Raptor is fed directly to granulator
Models RAPTOR 800 RAPTOR 1350
Rotor Dia . Mm 280
Rotating knives; single knife row 23 39
Fixed Knives 3 5
Cutter house-Power push ; mm 800 x 780 1350 x 780
Cutter House-Flexi push;mm 800 x 1010 1350 X 1010
Hopper Inlet Power push,W x Hmm 800 x 1490 1350 X 1490
Hopper Inlet Flexi push; W x Hmm 800 x 1350 1350 X 1350
Motor, Alternatives Kw 11 - 45
Screen Alternatives; Dia. mm 16,25,36,50,62,75
Output (Kg/hr) Upto 1000 Upto 1500
Weight (Kg) 4200 5200

Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Technical collaboration with "Moditec-FRANCE for Online Medium Speed Granulator - Rapid Raptors" and "Rapid-SWEDEN for Medium Speed Granulators and Shredders""

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