Mould Sweat Protector

Mould Sweat Protector
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Mould Sweat Protector

  • System guarantees condensations free Moulding Process.
  • Constant dew point between 1 to 4ºC.
  • Consistent product quality due to constant dew point of ambient air in all weather condition.
  • Higher machine productivity through shorter cycle time.
  • Low energy consumption due to refrigeration operating cycle.
  • Designed for individual or multiple machine operation.
  • Helps to extend mould life.
  • Virtually maintenance free (monthly air intake filter cleaning only).
  • Capacity from 500 to 2000 m3/hr. air flow.
  • Reputed make Fully hermetic scroll / reciprocating compressor with crank case heater.
  • Overload protection for compressor.
  • High and Low pressure switches to safeguard compressor and refrigerant system.
  • Air cooled condenser designed to utilize heat and reduce total electrical power of machine.
  • Large size pre coil designed to achieve constant due point in all weather condition.
  • High flow, High Pressure, Low noise blower.
  • Inspection sight glass with moisture indication.
  • PLC controller.
  • Corrosion proof material for water line.
Caps & Clouser
Caps & Clouser

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