Slow Speed Granulator

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Slow Speed Granulator

  • Very low Rotor speed of 25 RPM with high torque delivery.
  • Very little or negligible dust in regrind as no shear action.
  • Very less noise due to low rotor speed and sound insulated hopper.
  • Imported cutter parts with unmatched precision and metallurgy.
  • Screenless machines with easy accessibility in cleaning and maintenance.
  • Suitable for online or offline applications.
  • No reduction in the molecular structure of the thermoplastics.
  • Low power consumption and small footprint.
  • Wide range of throughput:-3 to 80 Kgs/hr.
  • Inbuilt ABS (Anti-blocking system) stops the granulator in case of blockage in cutting chamber.
  • Multiple choice of customised Hoppers, funnels , granule bins.
  • Optional TiN coating for granulation of plastics with abrasive compounded material.
  • Rotary suction box for regrind conveying.
  • Capacitive sensor /rotary paddle to detect regrind level in granule bin.
  • Safety switches to detect open/close position of hopper and granule bin.
  • Cutter parts with IMD (Integrated Metal detection) can detect metal fed in cutting chamber and stop machine to prevent further damage.
  • Cooling water circuit in cutting chamber prolongs life of cutter parts.
Engineering & Electricals
Engineering & Electricals

Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Technical collaboration with "Moditec-FRANCE for Online Slow Speed Granulators" and "Rapid-SWEDEN for Medium Speed Granulators and Shredders""

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